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Alberta Hipps
Hipps Group Principal Alberta Hipps is an experienced government relations and business development professional with proven success at negotiating complex public/private partnerships. A distinguished former Jacksonville City Council president, her background includes a broad scope of formulating public and private policy and guiding administrative and legislative decisions. Her public service covered crucial leadership roles in the 1993 BRAC process and conversion of Cecil Field from military to civilian commercial/recreational uses. During her year as City Council President her leadership assisted in the unanimous 1999 City Council approval of the $2.2 billion Better Jacksonville Plan. Her professional background provides a wealth of invaluable knowledge on a broad range of issues.

Professional Experience
to being elected to the City Council, Ms. Hipps served as a key member of the management staff of a large healthcare organization.

In Addition to her involvement as President of Hipps Group Inc., Ms. Hipps is a member and serves on numerous Boards of local civic organizations. She also serves as a Governor appointee to the State Workforce Florida Board. Ms. Hipps has been the recipient of numerous awards and most recently has been selected by the Jacksonville Business Journal as one of twenty 2007 “Women of Influence” in the Jacksonville.

Lara Hipps
Hipps Group Vice President Lara Tanier is a solution driven senior manager of Hipps Group, Inc. Lara strategically combines operational, financial and goal oriented skills on a daily basis for adding value to the company. In addition to serving in her senior management role, she has distinguished herself as an efficient and effective team leader for independent consultants involved in various services in the areas of government relations, planning and zoning, political campaigns, business development, strategic planning and tax credit procedures within Enterprise/Empowerment Zones.




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